Restaurant & Outdoor Kitchen Heating in Oklahoma City, OK

Need an outdoor electric or gas-fired heater for your Oklahoma City, OK restaurant heating? Oklahoma Infra-Red, Inc. stocks, and services outdoor patio heaters that keep guests warm and comfortable. We also have portable options, perfect for your outdoor kitchen heating solution at home. Our impressive selection provides nearly limitless heating options for businesses and homes throughout the region.

Custom Heating Applications

When you need a high-quality portable heater for your Oklahoma City, Moore, Edmond, or Norman, OK home or restaurant heating system, we’re the name to call. We carry a wide variety of electric and gas-fired outdoor patio heaters. These heaters are now standard for many applications, including at restaurants, entertainment venues and even for special events.

Why are Outdoor Kitchen Heating Systems a Smart Investment?

Heaters are ideal for heating your patio, extending the use of your space even into the cold weather seasons. No matter how cold the breezes get as they cross your patio, anything and anyone within the wide radius of an infrared heater will stay warm and comfortable. Here’s why residential and commercial outdoor heating products are the best option:

  • They’re incredibly reliable and require very minimal maintenance. Should the need ever arise, we can handle any and all repair jobs.
  • They improve the use of your outdoor areas, even on days when the weather is cold or the wind picks up.
  • They greatly increase the overall customer experience at your establishment, providing uniform heat and keeping guests comfortable for their entire visit.
  • They offer space-saving, flexible mounting options. Choose from wall- or ceiling-mounted options or go completely portable for ultimate convenience.

Warmth at the Touch of a Button

Oklahoma Infra-Red, Inc. is proud to offer high-quality infrared heating options for residential and commercial clients throughout the Oklahoma City area. We provide instant warmth at the touch of a button, whether at your restaurant patio or your outdoor kitchen at home. Contact us today at 405-528-7770 to learn more about our selection or restaurant heating, industrial heating, and patio heating solutions.

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