Commercial & Industrial Heating in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Infra-Red, Inc. keeps commercial and industrial buildings warm with high-quality heater sales and service, regardless of the temperature outside. Our industrial heating solutions are incredibly durable and can endure the most extreme environments, and we offer off-site installation services and in-house repairs to ensure they always work as you need them to.

It can be quite a challenge to add comfort to a commercial or industrial space, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. We’re Oklahoma City, Moore, Edmond, and Norman, OK’s preferred resource for electric infrared heaters, as well as gas-fired options including the infrared propane heater. Come to us for the best brands and service that’s equally as fantastic!

Why Infrared Heating?

Forced air heating is costly since you need to heat virtually all the air in your building before the air temperature reaches a comfortable level. Since heated air rises, it takes a significant amount of electrical energy to get warm air down to floor level in an environment like an industrial building or warehouse.

Radiant infrared heating systems maintain heat near the floor, which is where you need it most. In many cases, the efficiency of radiant infrared heating systems provides a 30 to 70% increase in efficiency when compared to forced air systems. This saves you an incredible amount of fuel, contributing to a huge energy savings. Not only do you benefit in terms of reduced energy costs, but from reduced maintenance costs, too.

Commercial Heating Sales and Service

Not only are the heaters we sell and service reliable and require very minimal maintenance, they also offer incredible savings over other heating options. We sell and service the following trusted brands for commercial heating:

  • Omega II by Combustion Research Corp
  • Reflect-O-Ray by Combustion Research Corp
  • Fostoria
  • Re-Verber Ray Infrared Portable Heaters
  • Schwank
  • Solaronics Sunspan

Invest in Affordable Comfort

Oklahoma Infra-Red, Inc. offers high-quality commercial heating and industrial heating systems for your barns and restaurants that are specially designed to efficiently heat even the largest of spaces. Invest in comfort and reduce your energy bills by switching to infrared. Call today at 405-528-7770 to learn more.

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